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Are you looking toward the future? Are you wondering what your children, grandchildren, and other descendants will do when you’re gone? Garcia Legal Group, P.C. is prepared to help you plan and make arrangements for your assets and your loved ones. 

What is estate planning? 

Estate planning refers to the planning for the future that involves your assets, family members, and last wishes and medical directives. It is the anticipation and arranging of your assets and setting up a plan that can reduce estate tax and probate for your family once you are gone.

As estate planning attorneys, we can help you start making a plan and modify any arrangements you have already made that you want to change or redo completely.

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What falls under estate planning?

Any plans or arrangements you make regarding your assets, powers of attorney, and last wishes can all fall under estate planning. Our firm has experience helping clients with, 

  • Creation of wills
  • Modification of wills
  • Trust creation and modification
  • Allocating assets
  • Setting up charitable trusts
  • Living trusts
  • Living wills
  • Arrangements for dependents 
  • In case of an accident or catastrophic injury arrangements

If you are thinking about creating a will or trust, consulting with an experienced estate planning attorney will help you avoid mistakes and guide you through the choices you will make that can maximize the assets left to your loved ones. 

How do I start making an estate plan?

As mentioned above, you should consult with an attorney before making official plans. However, if you are wanting to get an idea of what your plan will look like before taking steps, then consider the following may be helpful:

  • Draft an unofficial will to evaluate your assets and what your wishes might be
  • Consider creating a trust so your surviving loved ones can avoid the probate process
  • Make health care directives - write down what you would want to happen in the event you are unable to make healthcare decisions for yourself
  • Consider who you would make as a financial power of attorney
  • Consider who you would trust to manage your money and distribute assets when you are gone
  • Make sure your bank, life insurance, and other current accounts have beneficiaries named
  • Research and learn about estate taxes
  • Consider what your funeral might cost
  • Consult with an estate planning attorney

We know these decisions can be difficult to make, and that planning for life after you are gone may be unsettling. But we are here to help you feel comfortable and positive moving through the process. 

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Are you ready to start planning for the future and taking care of your loved ones after you're gone? Look to Garcia Legal Group, P.C. for help drafting wills, creating trusts, and help you allocate your assets and establish your wishes. Call us today for a consultation so we can get started on planning your future together.