Work Accident & Injury Attorney in Dallas

Some work places are more dangerous than others. Still, it can be very distressing to suffer an injury at work. In addition to the injury itself, dealing with your employer may become fraught with tension. Do not feel pressured by an employer to sign a release of liability before you can seek legal counsel. This law firm handles cases involving workplace accidents of many kinds, including but not limited to:

• Falls
• Chemical Burns or Spills
Dallas work accident attorneys• Gas Explosions
• Lung Damage from Inhalation of Toxic Materials
• Construction Accidents
• Gas or Oil Rig Accidents
• Electrocution
• Scaffolding Accidents
• Forklift Accidents

Depending on the cause of your injury (e.g. employer’s negligence or product liability) you may be entitled to pursue a worker’s compensation claim or a personal injury claim. These are two very different procedures, and you should have independent legal counsel to advise you on your available options. Click here to contact your Dallas work accident & injury attorney.