Dog Bite Attorney in Dallas

If you have been injured by an animal, you may be able to hold the owner of the animal responsible for the injury. Basically, if the animal has dangerous propensities (that is, inclinations or patterns of behavior) that are abnormal to its class, and the defendant knew or should have known about the animal’s dangerous propensities, the defendant can be held strictly liable for injuries resulting from the animal’s dangerous propensities.

Dallas dog bite attorneysIn urban or suburban areas, the most common dangerous animal lawsuits involve dog bites. It is important to understand that a dog’s class, for the purposes of a dangerous animal cause of action, is not limited to the dog’s breed. Many people believe that certain dog breeds are inherently dangerous. The dog breeds that have been perceived as dangerous have changed over the years—German Shepards were once considered very dangerous. Rottweilers and Dobermans have also been considered dangerous. Recently, pit bulls have been perceived as a dangerous breed.

Nevertheless, under Texas law, the simple fact of a dog being a pit bull or Rottweiler, etc. is not evidence in and of itself of a dangerous animal. The dog must have other known dangerous tendencies. Texas courts have identified a dog’s ferociousness, its behavior of knocking people down, or it not liking children as evidence of dangerous propensities that could support a dangerous animal lawsuit.

Note that a landlord may be held liable for a dangerous animal belonging to a tenant if the landlord controlled the premises and knew or should have known that the tenant’s animal was dangerous. Click here to contact your Dallas dog bite attorney.