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Mechanic’s or Materialman’s Liens

If you have provided labor or materials on a construction job and have not been paid by the owner or contractor, you may have a remedy under Texas law. The Texas Property Code allows for the filing of a mechanic’s lien or materialman’s lien with sufficient notice to the owing party.

Dallas construction attorneyIt is vital to understand that notice requirements for filing a mechanic’s or materialman’s lien under the Texas Property Code are strict and vary depending on whether the property is residential or commercial. The statutory requirements also vary depending on whether you are a contractor or subcontractor. Furthermore, the deadline for filing a lien can occur as quickly as within three months after work under a contract ceased to be performed. You should seek the advice of a construction lawyer as soon as possible if a payment dispute arises on a construction project.

Standard of Work

Disputes over the standard of work in construction cases can be based on the alleged violation of various industry standards, performance standards, or standards published by agencies such as the American Society for Testing Materials. This type of claim can be very complex for both sides and almost always requires expert testimony if the matter goes into litigation. If you are involved in a construction dispute in which the standard of work is an issue, you need competent, experienced construction law attorneys.

Other construction law matters handled by this firm include:

  • Code Violations
  • Contract and Payment Disputes
  • Deceptive Trade Practices
  • Delays in Work Performed
  • Product Liability
  • Worker’s Compensation

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